Talbot Centre 142 Fullarton street,   
Suite R40, London, ON, N6A 0A4  

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save 400 dollars on your LASIK procedure - schedule your free consultation
save 400 dollars on your LASIK procedure - schedule your free consultation

About our centre at London, ON

At TLC London, we believe the experience of our patients is of the utmost importance. We provide clinical expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and personalized service to ensure our patients receive the best quality of care available.

We recognize that the needs of our patients are all unique. This is why we offer an impressive selection of services in order to meet the needs and desired outcomes of all of our patients. In addition to standard LASIK eye surgery, some of the other procedures we perform include PRK, monovision, and cataract surgery.

Our staff at TLC London is committed to helping you make a decision that’s right for you. We are proud to offer free pre-operative consultations. This is an opportunity to have all of your questions answered so you fully understand the options available to you.

During the consultation, we will also perform a series of diagnostic tests to determine your candidacy, which will allow us to recommend the best procedure for you based on your individualized needs.

Let us to create a custom LASIK plan to help you achieve clear vision by scheduling a free consultation today.

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TLC Partners with your eye doctor

At TLC Laser Eye Centres, we believe that no one knows you better than your eye doctor. This is why we partner with local eye doctors to ensure our patients receive the best possible care both before and after their procedures. Our team of affiliated optometrists will help you make an informed decision about LASIK and understand your post-operative care needs.


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