Am I candidate for LASIK?

Want to know if LASIK eye surgery is right for you?

TLC Laser Eye Centres is proudly committed to the safety of our patients and their outcomes. That’s why we use a strict criteria to determine whether LASIK eye surgery or another vision correction procedure is right for you.

am i a candidate

Several factors include but are not limited to age, overall physical health, and eye health and problems, such as refractive errors.

Scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation is the best way to determine if you’re eligible.

The objective of pre-operative consultations is to confirm candidacy, which is determined using safe, painless diagnostic technology and testing. During your procedure, our team will also discuss the cost of your procedure as well as our financing options.

What can laser eye surgery treat?

Laser eye surgery (such as LASIK and PRK) can resolve a myriad of vision problems by reshaping the cornea to correct the way the eye refracts light.

It can correct common vision issues such as:


Myopia (or nearsightedness) is a condition that occurs when a person can see near objects clearly but objects at a distance appear blurry. It happens when a person’s eyes are longer than usual, which prevents light from focusing properly on the retina and converging at a point just before.


Hyperopia (or farsightedness) is a condition that occurs when the eye has trouble seeing nearby objects but can register distant objects more clearly. It results when the hyperopic eye is shorter than a normal sized one, so light converges at a point after the retina and the picture is out of focus.


Astigmatism is a condition that occurs when objects at near or far distances become blurry. It’s largely due to the irregular shape of the cornea – an astigmatic eye resembles a football rather than a sphere, as traditional eyes do. In turn, though light enters the eye, it’s unable to focus on a single point, resulting in blurriness.

Is laser eye surgery right for you?

There are many factors that will determine whether a form of laser eye surgery is right for you. In addition to having the desire to improve your vision and lead a life that’s less dependent on glasses, you must meet additional criteria to be deemed a candidate for laser eye surgery. Patients should be at least 18-years old, in good health, and aware of the risks and potential side effects of the procedure.

Our experts will be able to give you more information and determine your eligibility when you come in for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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