Laser Cataract Surgery

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What is laser cataract surgery?

The most notable difference with laser cataract surgery is that it is bladeless. Whereas in standard cataract surgery the surgeon uses a blade to create an incision, in laser cataract surgery, a femtosecond laser uses light energy to make the same incision.

Laser cataract surgery can offer more precise results.

Before the procedure begins, a device is placed over your eye, and using a state-of-the-art computer guidance system, it’s able to map the eye’s surface and gather information about the natural lens. This tell the surgeon what the exact location, size, and depth of the incision should be, thereby allowing for better post-operative results.

Following the creation of precise incisions, your surgeon will remove the lens that has been clouded by cataracts and will replace it with a clear, artificial intraocular lens (IOL). In many cases, an advanced lens can be used to correct other refractive errors in addition to the removal of the cataract, thereby further enhancing the quality of your vision.

Who is a candidate for laser cataract surgery?

Laser cataract surgery is recommended to individuals when their cataracts are interfering with their quality of life and ability to perform daily activities. 

Signs of a cataract may include:

  • Poor night vision
  • Colours seem faded
  • Glare or a halo around lights
  • Double vision or multiple images in one eye
  • Cloudy or blurry vision (often described as 'milky' or 'hazy')
  • Frequent prescription changes in your eyeglasses or contact lenses

Laser Cataract Surgery Recovery

Aside from a few restrictions, many patients can resume their daily routines within a day of the surgery. However, as with any eye surgery, there is a healing period that must be completed for visual stabilization. You will be provided with detailed post-operative instructions to follow. You will be given antibiotics and anti-inflammatory eye drops that you will be instructed to use for several weeks.

You will also be required to attend several post-operative appointments to monitor your recovery. You will get detailed instructions at your consultation visit on what appointments you will need to follow.

Please note that you will not be able to drive immediately following your procedure. We ask that you plan ahead in terms of transportation. You will need a driver to take you home on the day of the surgery as well as someone to drive you to your 1-day post-op visit.

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The only way to determine whether you’re a good candidate for laser cataract surgery is through an eye examination.

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