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What Is the TLC Lifetime Commitment®?

We have incredible confidence in the stability of the results achieved by patients who have laser vision correction at a TLC Laser Eye Centres, and we stand behind those vision results. The TLC Lifetime Commitment® program helps patients who choose TLC maintain the best possible vision throughout their lives. 


Eligibility for the TLC Lifetime Commitment® Program

The TLC Lifetime Commitment® program covers qualified patients* who have had laser vision correction at a TLC Laser Eye Centres clinic by a participating surgeon. In order to maintain eligibility, patients should keep the following in mind:

  • Complete post-operative appointments after treatment.
  • Complete annual eye exams with your TLC-affiliated eye doctor.
  • Ask your TLC Laser Eye Centres clinic for complete details.
  • Certain changes in your visual system may affect your ability to have an enhancement.

Benefits of the TLC Lifetime Commitment®

Our intention is to help patients who come to TLC maintain their highest quality vision throughout their entire lives. Patients who have visual changes with time may require additional treatment. They will receive another same-technology procedure without charge at any TLC Laser Eye Centres clinic.

Qualifying patients are automatically enrolled in the TLC Lifetime Commitment® program upon completion of their laser vision correction procedure.

Patients needing or wanting a Custom LASIK enhancement can undergo the procedure for the difference between the current price of conventional LASIK and the cost for Custom LASIK. If the patient had Custom LASIK originally, their Custom LASIK enhancement is free.

If a patient’s vision worsens anytime within a year, we will cover the cost of an enhancement treatment that uses the same technology.

*TLC Lifetime Commitment® program is available only at participating TLC Laser Eye Centres to qualified patients. Please ask your center staff for details.