Multifocal Implants

An exciting development for cataract patients is that of intraocular lenses, which provide a solution for close up and distance vision. These are called multifocal or bifocal implants. When combined with correction for astigmatism, these implanted lenses can give people back the vision they remember having when they were much younger.

Multifocal implants are available with different degrees of near focus, including closer reading distance or the more intermediate computer distance.  These lenses are also available with additional aspheric and toric corrections, which enable us to correct any additional underlying visual error at the time of surgery.  Multifocal lens implants are currently the most effective way of correcting both near and far vision.


How do I know which Multifocal Lens if Right For me?

Your surgeon will ask you a number of questions about your lifestyle and vision requirements. The surgeon will also evaluate using specialized diagnostic tests and ensure that you are a good candidate for a Multifocal lens. With that information, they will recommend what they feel will be the right multifocal lens for you.