If you are over 40 and having trouble reading, we may have a solution for you. The KAMRA™ Inlay can reduce your dependency on reading glasses. The KAMRA™ Inlay works to restore your eye’s ability to focus light and expands your range of vision.


KAMRA™ Inlay: What to expect?

The inlay is smaller than a contact lens and will be implanted right onto the surface of your cornea. Your surgeon will numb your eye before making the opening and implanting the inlay. The entire process shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. You will be given eye drops after the procedure to help with the healing process. Every patient is different and recovery time and improvement in your vision will vary.


Am I candidate from KAMRA™?

To determine if you are a candidate for KAMRA™, please speak with your TLC eye surgeon. Below are a few factors that help in determining your candidacy:

·         Are you between 45 and 60 years old?

·         Have you been diagnosed with Presbyopia?

·         Do you wear reading glasses with +1.00 to +2.50 diopters?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, talk to your eye doctor about KAMRA™ Inlay as a solution to your vision problems. 


The KAMRA Inlay is a medical procedure with risks involved and isn’t right for everyone. Click Here to learn more about the benefits and risks of the KAMRA Inlay procedure.