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Presbyopia (Reading Vision)

What is Presbyopia?

At TLC Laser Eye Centres we specialize in treating vision problems that arise from aging.  The natural aging of the eye results in a need for reading glasses as we get older. The cause of presbyopia is a decreasing flexibility in the eye’s natural lens as we age. As a result, it becomes harder for us to focus on near vision, which is why presbyopia is commonly referred to as “the need for reading glasses.” Fortunately, there are many options, in addition to reading glasses, to correct presbyopia.


What is a trifocal IOL?

A trifocal IOL is an artificial lens that enables you to see at near, intermediate and far distances.


What is monovision?

Monovision means one eye is fully corrected for distance while the non-dominant eye is corrected for near or intermediate distance. The brain integrates the visual information from both eyes and adjusts either immediately or within a few weeks to having each eye focus at a different distance. Most people tolerate this very well and can function most of the time without glasses.