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Important announcement to Horizon patients

At TLC Vision, we understand the importance of continuity in healthcare, especially when it comes to something as vital as your vision. As Horizon Laser Vision has closed its doors, we recognize the gap it has left in our community. To fill this gap and ensure you continue to receive the highest quality of eye care, TLC Vision is here to welcome all former and prospective patients of Horizon Laser.

Located at the same convenient place you knew as Horizon Laser, TLC Vision Saskatoon is dedicated to providing seamless care for all your LASIK and Intraocular procedure needs. Our goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible for you, ensuring that you receive uninterrupted, top-notch eye care services.

At TLC Vision, we believe in maintaining the high standards of care and trust established by Horizon Laser. Our experienced team is ready to guide you through your vision correction journey with the same dedication and expertise you have come to expect.

To learn more about TLC Vision, visit our website.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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