Vision may deteriorate with age, disease, or injury. At TLC Laser Eye Centres, we can help restore failing vision. The latest procedures to correct vision affected by cataracts are offered to Ontario, patients by our laser eye surgery team. If you believe that you have developed a cataract, ensure you are thoroughly informed.  Understand the various options available to you.  Make an appointment with your ophthalmologist, optometrist or contact TLC Laser Eye Centres directly.


What is a cataract?

A cataract is a clouding of the normally clear natural lens in your eye that develops as we age into our 60s or later. Gradually, cataracts restrict enough light that we notice reduced vision. Cataract surgery has undergone an amazing transformation in recent years, leaving patients with multiple options.

TLC Laser Eye Centre through our surgeons, providespatients suffering from cataracts and other vision impairments several options for treatment.


What is cataract surgery?

Similar to a smudged camera lens, cataracts obstruct the clarity of a patient's vision, from cloudiness that forms on the eye's natural lens. Through a small incision, the patient's clouded lens is removed and replaced with an intraocular lens (IOL). The incision is so small that stitches are usually not required. This outpatient procedure usually takes 15 minutes or less.

Modern cataract surgery has benefitted greatly from advances in lens implants, including lenses that correct astigmatism and other visual aberrations, and multifocal lenses that correct for both far and near.

Cataract surgery can be a double blessing for those taking advantage of this new technology: clearing away the cataract and correcting the vision at the same time. 


Signs and symptoms of cataracts: